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Unusual To Some, A Common Reality For Others

What is unusual to some is an everyday reality for others. Growing up in small town where poverty is just as common as the air I breath, images of everyday life is anything but unusual. Today, I share with you the main vehicle of transportation called  the “tricycle.” I used to call them and their drivers, “King of the road.” Our city streets are too small and too close to each other that bigger vehicles like the local jeep and buses are impractical if not impossible to use.

Tricycle: A Vehicle Of All Trades

The tricycle has multiple functions. Despite of its small and frail appearance, it is a heavy-duty, all terrain vehicle that can put a 4 wheel drive car to shame. It can accommodate 8-10 people depending on how brave the passenger is. Each space counts including…

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Marina Chetner

Strolling under the warm rays of an early afternoon sun.

Starting the day in Park Slope, a brownstone lined neighbourhood in Brooklyn…

… enjoying a cup of artisinal ‘pour over’ brew from Cafe Grumpy. NB: Nothing grumpy about the coffee, freshly roasted from beans hand-picked in Las Flores. Layers of flavour notes: peach nectar and apricot, dried currant and vanilla – its a nice feeling, being transported to this Honduras coffee plantation with every sip.

A coffee-to-go in one hand, and a camera – in the other…

…  a balancing act of sipping and snapping. Pots of colourful plants line the exteriors of corner bodegas; their flowers make for photogenic subjects.

Magnolias against million-dollar brownstones; a photo worthy of a million words.

More pink hues. Splashes of colour on the pathways of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Encountering some fuzzy red bloomstry saying Calliandra Emarginata three…

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Jacklyn Kaye Photography

It’s been awhile since I shot Kryz for anything other than outfit shots. Though these still for her blog was fun to do something a little more planned and thought out. All shot with a d40x and a 50mm. I was listening to Pink Champagne by Lovedrug while I was editing and I think that definitely influenced the mood of these photos.




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Mien's Blog

Phu Quoc has been famous among travel experts as the most beautiful island in Vietnam (obviously the biggest island of the country too). Although it has been a long-time tourist attraction, the island is quite under-developed and the roads here are such disasters. Either they have not been built at all or just half-way built and no one is actually working on building them. However, the beautiful beaches compensate for it all. And actually the road trip may turn out to be a memorable adventure.

(More info about the island, accommodation and things to do at the bottom of the post)

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Whim & Wanderlust

To celebrate my first day off work, I am indulging my wanderlust. First up, Lombok -in Indonesian island with pristine, stretching coastlines, clear turquoise waters and even its own active volcano. Think the quieter, less touristy Bali. Think snorkeling in the crystal waters (it’s right next to the Gili Islands) and camping on the rim of the crater. Think it’s pretty darn fantastic.

{Images: 1. Yew Pin Chuah, National Geographic| 2. Impressive magazine| 3. trullyreds}

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